Thank you for visiting Shively & Associates’ website. I am no longer practicing law, as of March 1, 2013, because I now am serving as a member of the Vanderburgh County Superior Court as judge and cannot continue my practice, Shively & Associates, P.C., pursuant to the Canon of Judicial Conduct. As such, I asked Rudolph, Fine, Porter & Johnson, LLP, to assist with the transition of my client files and provide my clientele with the opportunity to continue receiving legal services without interruption. I chose RFP&J because of its reputation and commitment to providing high quality, cost-effective legal services to a diverse clientele base.


Founded in 1987, Rudolph, Fine, Porter & Johnson, LLP, offers many of the same legal services that I provided while practicing law, including handling matters pertaining to real estate law, eminent domain, zoning, land use, development, real estate construction and landlord/tenant disputes. RFP&J is a full-service firm whose practice areas include real estate law as well as many other areas, such as:


  • Civil and commercial litigation
  • Corporate and business law
  • Employment and labor law
  • Probate and estate planning
  • Tax law
  • Family law
  • And many other sub-practice areas.


Its 21 experienced attorneys offer legal services ranging from individual and small business matters to highly complex, large business transactions as well as civil and business disputes. For more information, please visit or call (812) 422-9444.